Texarkana Young Lawyers Association - Home Page

The Texarkana Young Lawyers Association was first organized in January of 1998 by a few local, young lawyers who wanted to provide an outlet for other young lawyers to socialize and also become active in the community. As such, the primary purpose of our organization is two-fold. Our first purpose is to take visible roles in community service projects in an attempt to improve the public image and trust of the legal profession in general. The second purpose is to provide young attorneys in the Texarkana area an avenue to meet and network in order to help further an already positive and professional atmosphere among the Texarkana legal community.

The Texarkana Young Lawyers Association also has the unique ability to provide community service across state lines. Although commonly thought of as a single city, Texarkana is actually two different cities in Texas and Arkansas. As a result, the Texarkana Young Lawyers association is affiliated with both the State Bar of Texas and the Arkansas Bar Association. This provides the young lawyers in the Texarkana area the ability to serve both communities and states. As you will note by reviewing the "Projects" section in the menu bar, our projects are directed to both Arkansans and Texans alike.


This web page is designed to inform you of our organization, our community projects, and other information about the Texarkana legal community in general.