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Over the holidays, TYLA members—and their local affiliates—rose to the challenge put forth by State Bar President Allan DuBois and TYLA President Barrett Thomas. That challenge was a request for donations to the Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust. The Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust provides financial help to Texas attorneys who need treatment for substance abuse, depression, and other mental health issues and cannot otherwise afford the treatment.

While we are proud of our membership for their donations during that period, we know that we can do better.

That is why we are asking those who were not able to donate over the holidays to seriously consider a donation to the Trust now. We’re no longer running a competition; that ship has sailed. We are simply asking for a small donation (as little as $10) to help shore-up a fund that can help save a fellow lawyer’s life. For more information regarding the Sheeran-Crowley Memorial Trust and its importance, please click here to see the message from Barrett Thomas below. Your donation could save lives.

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