Editor's Column

Editor's Column

Time to Turn Up.
By:  Erin Clegg

It is the beginning of fall and nearly the last quarter of the year. Recent law student graduates patiently wait for the long anticipated results of the Texas Bar Exam as the pass list date approaches. For lawyers, it is the time to wrap up cases and collect before the holiday season begins and prepare for the year coming to an end. This time of year is the time to turn up and set yourself up for success in the New Year.

For me, I am turning 30 this month. It’s a new chapter and it is time to set new goals and evaluate my career over the next decade. As a young lawyer, setting goals is probably the most crucial aspect of success. Fall is the time I sit down and think about new goals over the next several years. However this year, I am going to turn up and show up on a new level. With some challenging events that recently occurred, I have opened a new window to success. I am setting goals to engage in the community more, attend more bar association events, bring together young lawyers within my district, and elevate my quality of work.

I will be a fifth-year attorney soon and with my upcoming 30th birthday, there are no excuses. Work hard and the reward will come. Change is important and always create ways to take your career to the next level.

What are your goals? Board certification, a promotion, acknowledgment within the legal community? Set the bar high and get there.

Erin Clegg is the District 11 TYLA director and practices family law for McCathern, PLLC. Erin can be reached by e-mail at eclegg@mccathernlaw.com.

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